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CitizenCon 2013 FULL VIDEO

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Well, after all the drama, here it is!
For those of you who missed the livestream, it was cut short by the CIG team signing "Happy Birthday to You" for a team member. Apparently, the song is trademarked, so YouTube cut the stream about 40 minutes in. Sadly, this left a lot of exciting information un revealed. But now it's all here, for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to mention your favorite part! And look out for the Hornet variants sale starting sometime tomorrow!
"There's a whole universe out there, full of adventure"[/i]
Posted Oct 11, 13 · OP
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I was just about to post this! Good job Claw!

The promo video was awesome!
Posted Oct 11, 13
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Pappy a
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God I love this company
Posted Oct 11, 13
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"You could have a colt"-said the speaker
"He's one of us"-said somebody
Posted Oct 11, 13
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Love the art work for character creation section.
Posted Oct 11, 13
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