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Unit History The Squadron known as the “Chargers” has a long and checkered history. In the year 2681, Virgil was on the verge of collapse. Project Farstar was crumbling and the UEE was in retreat from the Vanduul onslaught. It needed pilots and it needed them quickly.

Those who answered the call were largely from the Virgil itself. They were civilians and retired veterans alike. Some were simple farmers, stepping off their fields and onto a military base in order to defend their home. They became known as the Wildcards, a group as unpredictable as Virgil's future. UEE Command gave these volunteers to Strike Group Three, a reserve unit meant to be the last line of defense. Commanding Officer Tara Grady was once quoted as saying that with the Wildcards she never knew “what kind of card she was being dealt.”

Squadron 43 was the last official squadron created from that group. They were known initially as the Shooting Stars but were quickly renamed to the Chargers by their CO, Felix Holloway. They followed a simple doctrine, attack first, attack quickly and be damned with the rest.

The squadron that rallied behind Holloway were the most volatile of the units created in those final days. They had the least amount of training and the worst discipline. Yet when Virgil began to fall, the Chargers saw as much action as any other unit in the entire conflict. They had an uncanny record of bravery, matched by a similar record of combat losses. The Chargers suffered the highest casualty rate of any Wildcard unit, a staggering 66%.

During the evacuation of Virgil, the Chargers were responsible for protecting key civilian assets on their way out of the system. They disobeyed orders and instead attacked a Vanduul bomber unit on their way to the planet. The civilian ships they were supposed to guard suffered heavy losses as a result when they came under fire by a Vanduul patrol. In their court martial hearing following the evacuation, Holloway's only defense was that he saved four thousand lives on the surface. If it weren't for them, the so called “Spartans of Virgil” wouldn't have even been alive to earn their so-called glory.

All but two of the 43rd were found guilty and received dishonorable discharges. The two acquitted turned in their wings instead, refusing to accept pardon. Together, the surviving members of Squadron 43 disappeared from UEE space following their trial.

There are many rumors of what happened afterward. There were reports of a private military force made up of ex-UEE fighter pilots raiding and pillaging UEE stations on the border of Vanduul space. Other reports told of heroic men and women jumping in to save human freighters from Vanduul harassers. Nothing is known for sure.

When Vice Admiral Glenn Wade brought a military to the refugees of Virgil in 2938, they found a group known as the “Fighting 43.” They were tough, undisciplined, and the only defense the refugee fleet had. It was only when Admiral Wade offered them the commission of Squadron 43 and resurrected the Chargers that they agreed to follow.

Today, Squadron 43 is home to the most dangerous and unpredictable pilots of CSG 3. They strike first, strike hard and ask questions a whole lot later. Fiercely loyal to those with the “old blood,” they also view anyone from UEE space with suspicion until they prove themselves. Being a member of Squadron 43 isn't something you simply choose.

You are chosen.
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